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A personal experience:



I think that that this is much more prevalent then most people think. I have heard the odd mention of it on and off for some time.

Even with seeding I believe that you are going to get marked shrinking of the prostate or what is left of it. My uro, after a DRE, said it felt just as if I had had an RP and that was some years ago.

Personally I think that I have had VERY noticeable shrinkage and particularly recently which surprised me. I do agree that regular use of the "pump" is the only treatment. When the prostate shrinks something has to move in to fill the hole and the penile tissue is mobile and handy. I believe that is what happens.

About a month ago I suddenly noticed that the damned thing had almost disappeared! Just a tiny disgraceful tuft of skin. In fact peeing is now quite difficult in that aiming this thing is difficult. I was sitting reading my newspaper as I am want to do whilst indulging in that other excretory necessity when I suddenly notice a stream of pee shooting straight out between the seat and the bowl! This organ was now so short that the aim was altered! Very annoying!

For the past month or so I have been having a lot of pain and the pump does not appeal at present. I believe that this has made a considerable difference.

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