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Dr. Catalona is a well-known surgeon who has performed numerous prostatectomies, including nerve-sparing. This comment is from his FAQ on prostate cancer .

Q: RETRACTION OF THE PENIS AFTER RADICAL PROSTATECTOMY: I am 4 months post surgery. I had the nerve sparing surgery and am hoping to resume my sex life soon. It seems as if my penis is drawn up most of the time. Occasionally it relaxes and comes out. Is this normal?

A: Yes. After the prostate has been removed there is a gap between the bladder neck and the urethra that has to be bridged. In some men, the bladder is very mobile and easily reaches the urethral stump. In this case there is very little retraction of the penis. In other cases, it is a "stretch" to pull the bladder and urethra together, and the penis gets "pulled up" inside. With time and return of regular erections, this retraction often corrects itself. This is one of the reasons that I encourage men to have erections naturally or artificially early and regularly after radical prostatectomy.


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