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Presented at the 2002 Annual Conference of the logo of American Urological Association  

Marc Savoie, Mark Soloway, Sandy Kim, Miami, FL

Introduction and Objectives:

Some patients treated by radical retropubic prostatectomy (RP) for prostate cancer have reported that their penis is smaller following surgery. We performed a prospective clinical study to determine if there is a change in penile length following RP.


From April 2000 to September 2001, 105 men consented to penile measurements prior to RP performed by the same surgeon. Repeat measurements were performed at intervals following surgery. The penile measurements (cm) consist of; 1) flaccid penis length- from pubo-penile skin junction to meatus , 2) stretched penis length-from pubo-penile skin junction to meatus with maximal extension of phallus, 3) depth of prepubic fat pad- from pubo-penile skin junction to pubic bone, 4) penile circumference-measure at midshaft. Statistical analysis of penile measurements was performed using the Student t test.


The mean patient age was 60 (range 42-76). No patients had a penile abnormality, e.g, Peyronie's disease. Prior to surgery the mean value for flaccid penis length was 9 cm (range 3.0-18.0), stretched penis length 12.5 cm (range 5-21), depth of prepubic fat pad 2.5 cm (range 0.5-5) and penile circumference 9cm (range 3-13). Post operative mean values are 7.5 cm (range 4-12.5), 12 cm (range 9-19), 2.5 cm (range 1-4) and 9 cm (range 7-13.5). The initial analysis does not show any significant change in the mean penile measurements when comparing pre RP to 3-6 month values. Overall there is no significant difference however 25 % of men have a 15 % decrease in stretched penile length. Some patients however have measurable shortening in penile size.


There is obviously a wide variation in the penile measurements. There is also variability in the change in penile length following RP. Men should be counseled prior to RP that this may occur.

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