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How to Use the Internet
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What is the Internet?
The Internet is an international collection of computer networks that allow the exchange of information between computers. It began as a Department of Defense project in the 1960s but has expanded greatly from there, especially in the last 10 years. It is usually referred to as "The Net."

What does the Internet allow me to do?
Just as telephones allow anyone with a phone to reach another person or organization, you can now use the Internet to access information around the world. The Internet provides you entrance to libraries, government offices, medical centers, magazines, journals, newspapers, etc., around the globe.

How is this done?
Organizations are now storing formation on computers. It is then a simple task to make it available to others through what is called the World Wide Web.

What is the World Wide Web?
Abbreviated WWW or simply called "the Web," it consists of Web sites. There may be millions of them around the world by now, merely to give an idea.

What is a Web site?
Consider a Web site to be a type of electronic library where information can be stored as text, illustration, audio/video etc. A Web site can be accessed and viewed by anyone, providing they have the right computer setup.

What is on the Web to be found?
With regard to prostate cancer, almost anything you want. Besides text information (books, journals, magazines, newspapers), you can find illustrations, photos, audios and videos. The problem is that there is too much - some of it inaccurate - and one has to learn how to find the exact and the correct information.

Does one need to own a computer to access the Internet?
No. Libraries usually have computers that are connected to the Net that can be used by local residents. This also saves the headaches of having to set up a computer to do it, not to mention expense, and a good way to learn for free.

What if one doesn't know how to type?
You can still do it. The amount of "typing" needed is merely the spelling out of a word or a short phrase, such as "prostate cancer," which can be done by looking at the keyboard. The rest of it doesn't involve typing.

How hard it is to learn how to access the Web? With a tutor, you can learn how to access the Web and find information in about an hour.
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