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Sites To Visit for a Healthy Laugh
for the patient as well as the care-giver
drawing of a turkey with glasses and moustache holding a card that says r x, for a presecription There's no end to humor on the Internet but these are some of my personal favorites.

     At the CBS site.

Allen Funt of "Candid Camera" fame set up a non-profit group to provide tapes of the shows for people with serious illnesses. Read about it at

There is a bibliography of "Humor, Health & Stress Books" topped by Norman Cousins' "Anatomyy of Illness." Cousins - who has been described as "the man who laughed his way to health" - was diagnosed with a fatal disease that he then fought with humor. The list (with several directly about/for cancer) is at

"Cancer Comics: The Humor of the Tumor" is by a woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer and can be found at

CancerShock has "cancer libs" which is a hoot. Look for it on the left column at

A 1997 story about how the "Murphy Brown" series put some humor into her bout with breast cancer can be found at

Comedy Central videos

Christine Clifford who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1994 that sent her on a year of aggressive chemo and radiation treatment after surgery, had a vision 4 weeks after her surgery, that no one brought her anything to make her laugh. She subsequently founded the "Cancer Club" devoted to filling that gap. You can find it and her story at

An article about Christine Clifford and her humor is at

And another at

The "Testicular Cancer Resource Center Humor Page" with jokes, anecdotes and cartoons can be found at

"Breast Cancer Song Parodies" (with sample songs - needs RealPlayer) can be found at

Read "Humor Me, I Have Breast Cancer" by three women at

An article, "Humor Your Tumor" is at

Dave Fitzgerald's video "Living and Lauging with Cancer: a comedian's journey". Video clips and order at

Klein's recommended books is at his Website at

Klein's recommended humor and healing links are at

Not directly related but if you want some medical/doctor humor (e.g., "What's the difference between an HMO and the PLO? You can negotiate with the PLO."), go to and

more to follow (7/8/01)
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