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Tonkatsu Boogie
(Excuse me?)
A site called Tonkatsu Boogie has some of the most beautiful photography you will ever see. These are thumbnails from the four sections of the site. The first two are my favorites.
reduced photo of water and rocks
Land of Water
reduced photo of waterfall
I love Waterfalls
reduced photo of carved stones in field
Left in the field
reduced photo of birds in tree
Tonkatsu boogie
Alas, those photos have been taken down. But you can still go to their site and see the other photos.

But Before You Go There . . .
portion of a menu from Tonkatsu Boogie to show how it looks
Except for a few English words, the site is in Japanese. Without a Japanese font, your browser will fill in with odd symbols. See portion of a menu to the right.

Tips to help you navigate:

(This was written before they took the photos down.)

1. There are four categories/menus (named under the thumbnails above) listing dozens of photos. You won't be able to decipher the menu of each section. Watch for link colors and click and hope. This also means you will not be able to find a favorite again unless you bookmark that photo when you find it.

3. There is one more catch. Pages with single photos don't have a link back so you have to use your back button, which is of no help with a bookmark to the photo. My suggestion: save both URLs. The beauty is worth it.

3. Unlike the other three that have themes, the Tonkatsu Boogie section is a potpourri, hodge-podge and grab bag of photos.

4. CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE MAIN MENU and just wing it.

What is tonkatsu?

A deep fried pork and if you want the recipe, click here.

Go to

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