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I get a Port-A-Cath


line drawing showing location of port I got a Port-a-Cath installed this morning.

It was done as out-patient surgery. I went in at 8. Wheeled into surgery at 9 and the last thing I remember was being moved from my bed to the operating table (it is done with a local but the relaxant they gave me knocked me out) and then waking back in recovery about an hour later. I was home by noon and it is now nearly 3 pm, showing how fast and simple it is.

The illustration is from the Phoenix5 glossary entry for PORT.

The Port-a-Cath will allow them to take the necessary blood draw (to check my levels) and then administer chemo without searching for another vein, as it is getting harder and harder to find them, after three years of needle sticks.

All I have to show for it now is a 1.5 inch incision, with stitches, and a slight lump, where the septum is located, the little round circle in the drawing. The other part is the catheter, that goes into the vein.

There is no pain. Only a slight soreness, as if I was bumped there. There might be some pain later but I don't expect it to be anywhere as bad as the chemo pain flare and I am certainly loaded on pain killers.

I had it installed on the left side as I read it is handier, if one is right handed, for arm movements for the first few days.

Only other update is that I had my third chemo treatment yesterday. I've put an update into my chemo journal.


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