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cover of Walsh's book

photo of Dr. Patrick Walsh from the jacket
About the book

Dr. Patrick Walsh's Guide to Surviving Prostate Cancer
by Patrick C. Walsh, M.D., and Janet Farrar Worthington

Dr. Patrick Walsh is considered the pioneer and foremost authority on what is popularly known as the "nerve-sparing" prostatectomy, the surgical removal of the prostate with the intent to preserve the man's potency or ability have a natural erection.

Dr. Walsh disdains the use of "nerve-sparing" and has since 1994 preferred to call the procedure an "Anatomical Approach to Radical Prostatectomy." (See his 1994 letter at the Johns Hopkins site.)

His newest book, released in August 2001, is a must for anyone considering the operation since it includes eight line diagrams showing his procedure. These diagrams have been archived here at Phoenix5.

While the book covers almost every aspect of PCa treatment (cryotherapy is omitted), Dr. Walsh expectedly (and with some warrant) does push surgery over other approaches but, at the same time, the book is a fruitful resource. It should be on the bookshelf of anyone in the field, including most patients.

The exception is the newly diagnosed. It is not an "introductory" book, although care is taken to take readers through complex topics. Nor does it read like a medical textbook. But some familiarity with prostate cancer will help and - as stated - anyone who wants to know about this procedure should get it.

The book does have one of the largest (18 pages) and best glossaries that I've seen. The index is also quite thorough, although I found terms used in the book (e.g., linomide, MMP, phenylbutyrate, to name three) that are omitted. They are (admittedly) fairly arcane terms and the average reader won't miss them.

The New York Times reviewed Dr. Walsh's book (along with another by Dr. Rous) on 10/23/01.

The book is 462 pages and has some illlustrations. (The eight of the RRP may be most of them.) Suggested retail price of $25.95 (US).

To read an excerpt (his account of discovering the procedure), click here.

Another except from the book can be found at the PSA-Rising site.

Robert Young
Webmaster Phoenix5

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