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A Primer on Prostate Cancer
The Empowered Patient's Guide
by Stephen B. Strum, MD & Donna Pogliano

About the cover

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(from the book)

The cover photograph was taken by Dr. Stephen Strum, whose passion for sailing is his respite from the world of prostate cancer. The sun rising over Pitcairn Island in the Pacific is an appropriate image to express the vision of the authors in writing this book. A Primer on Prostate Cancer has been a labor of love for each of them for over two years. The authors hope that their efforts in introducing this book into the world of prostate cancer will bring a new day of enlightenment to the struggles of individual patients and to the practice of many medical professionals who work in the field of prostate cancer.

The power and momentum of the sailboat slicing through the water serves as a metaphor for the empowerment of the patient whose education will result in the power to choose his own destiny. This empowerment through education will serve him well in creating the momentum that will enable the man and his family to overcome his disease. The man on the deck, although appearing isolated, is not really alone, since the supporting crew needed to reach the destination is close at hand, just out of view, but ready to take action if needed.

Finally, the image includes the power of God's sunrise and the hope it connotes as an ongoing symbol of the hope and faith of the prostate cancer patient that a cure for prostate cancer is just over the horizon.


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