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The Men's Club:
How to Lose Your Prostate Without Losing Your Sense of Humor

by Bert Gottlieb and Thomas J. Mawn, MD


This book is the history of a diseased prostate, chronicled by both patient and doctor from discovery through removal to survival.

The reason for both points of view is because there are two sides to every prostate: the side the doctor can initially touch and snip tissue from, and the side that's out of reach, yet irrevocably part of the patient. So it is with prostate cancer: the doctor on one side of the fray, his patient on the other. For the whole picture you need both sides.

And while this is a record of but one prostate's progress, as of today, many men will likely share the same experiences once they hear the words "You have prostate cancer."

Of course, by the time this account will have appeared in print, newer techniques in surgery and radiotherapy, more specific testing procedures, even fmer analyses and hopefully, better answers to the thorny questions having prostate cancer raises, will no doubt have come about and will continue to develop. But barring a paradigm shift in medical technology, the steps taken, and the difficult trek toward a patient's survival, will basically remain the same as described herein.

If this chronicle imparts any insights into the process of surviving prostate cancer, great. If it provides some hope, even better.

Bert Gottlieb & Thomas Mawn

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