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His Prostate and Me
A couple deals with prostate cancer
by Desiree Lyon Howe

[From the book]

"This is one of the most sensitive, enlightening, informative discussions of the impact of prostate cancer on a relationship I have ever read. It is written from the heart, the head and the spirit. The writing is witty, direct and serious. The information is appropriate and accurate. The insights are inspiring and, above all, hope is overflowing. Most importantly, it is a living, breathing testimony to the power of love."
-- Dr. Andrew von Eschenbach, M.D.,
Director of the National Cancer Institute
Prostate Cancer Survivor

"For a couple, the diagnosis of prostate cancer turns their world upside down. They are presented with bewildering and often contradictory clinical information that is difficult to assimilate and sometimes must cope with unanticipated complications of treatment, as well as the fear of tumor recurrence. All this, while the rest of the world goes on!

Desiree Lyon Howe guides couples through the emotional and clinical maze they must traverse. She offers useful advice on dealing with the stresses and depression that go with this experience. She provides accurate information about the existing treatment options and shows how, through love, faith, and understanding, their lot can be turned from tragedy to triumph."
-- Dr. William Catalona, M.D.,
Professor of Urology
Washington University

"This book is a must read for couples facing prostate cancer."
-- Arnold Palmer,
Golfing Legend

"This book will greatly improve the ability of families to deal with the diagnosis, treatment and side effects of this important disease."
-- Bob Dole,
former U.S. Senator

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