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Love, Sex and PSA:
Living and Loving with Prostate Cancer

by Robert Hitchcox

A Review

There are plenty of books about prostate cancer but too few that approach the subject of intimacy, let alone include it in the title. Mr. Hitchcox not only takes it on but with an even rarer - and much-needed - sense of humor. (How often do you learn the year/make of a writer's car in 'About the Author'?)

Mr. Hitchcox is a firm advocate of including the companion in the process and it really shows in 'The Wife Gets to Speak' at the close of the book where his spouse gives her perspective on the ordeal. More first-person books should take this route because this disease affects more than the man.

He chose surgery but he also takes the reader through the education process, not to mention every detail of his recovery.

Over a year ago, I wrote a review for and gave it 4 stars out of 5. It is better than that, a perspective that another year with PCa gave me. The book is exactly what many men need, especially if considering surgery: it is short, laced with cartoons and a fast-read. After diagnosis, one doesn't have much attention span and whether by design or accident, it fits that problem.

There's also a good resources list in the back, a set of questions to ask your doctor and an extensive index. Don't let the year of publication (1997) stop you from getting it. He gives an attitude that will be needed as long as there is treatment for this disease.

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Suggested retail: $12.95. 109 pages. Illustrated with line drawings. Indexed.
ISBN 0-9659734-0-9

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