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Clayton and Chad Crowe The Crowes
Prostate Cancer
With a Dose of Reality
and a Slice of Reality

by Chad T. Crowe & Clayton T. Crowe

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Section IV

Fasten Your Seat Belt

No matter what you are expecting, it is always a shock when the doctor tells you that the biopsy shows you have prostate cancer. The dreaded "C" word hits you like a Mack truck. You now realize that you are fully enrolled in Mortality 101. After this news, the question as to what to do about it is perplexing and is the most gut-wrenching time of the whole process. At this time, you need to obtain all the information you can from your doctor, talk with your family and friends and others who have been treated for the disease. You have to weigh the potential changes in the quality of your life in exchange for an extended lifetime. The decision is easier if you have been diagnosed early and there is a good chance that the cancer can be destroyed or removed completely.

Trust, Confidence, and Verification

A key component in making the decision is the trust you have in your doctor. It is also important to obtain a second opinion and talk to others who have been, or are, your doctor's patients. Also you should feel at ease in talking with your doctor and feel confident that he/she is giving you the benefit of the most up-to-date information because new treatment procedures seem to be evolving every day. Also you must feel confident that the doctor has your best interests in mind when suggesting the most appropriate treatment. If you feel uncomfortable with your doctor, don't be afraid to change. Every case is different because of your age, stage of the cancer, personal goals and preferences. However there are some general guidelines and some recommendations that may apply to you.

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