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Clayton and Chad Crowe The Crowes
Prostate Cancer
With a Dose of Reality
and a Slice of Reality

by Chad T. Crowe & Clayton T. Crowe

Table of Contents

Section I - Screening
    The Bad News and the Good News
    You Have Lots of Company
    The Cause of Prostate Cancer - Take Your Choice
    Meet Your Prostate
    Seeing Your Doctor
    Your Doctor's Role
    Test Results

Section II - Diagnosis
    Making the Diagnosis - The Rating System

Section III - Treatments
    What to Do About It
    Wait and Watch
    Destroying the Cancer Cells by Radiation
    Implantation of Radioactive Seeds
    Side Effects
    Lucky You! - Your Two Radical Prostatectomy Options
    Post-Surgery Issues
    Complications and Solutions
    Upcoming New Treatments

Section IV - The Decision
    Fasten Your Seat Belt
    Trust, Confidence, and Verification
    Cancer Classifications Tl and T2
    Radiation Versus Surgery
    Cancer Spreading Beyond the Prostate
    The T4 Stage

Section V - Further Information

Order this book at Chad Crowe's Web site.

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