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Clayton and Chad Crowe
The Authors
About the authors & the book:

Prostate Cancer
With a Dose of Reality and a Slice of Humor
by Chad T. Crowe & Clayton T. Crowe

About The Authors

Chad Crowe is a professional cartoonist who operates his own business, Chad Crowe Illustration, and contributes cartoons and drawings to various magazines and journals. He was trained at Joe Kubert School for Cartooning and Graphic Arts in Dover, New Jersey, and earned a Bachelors Degree in Political Science from Western Washington University. His dream is to become a political cartoonist. His work can be found at his Web site,

Clayton Crowe is a Professor Emeritus of Mechanical Engineering from Washington State University, Pullman, WA. He is the father of Chad Crowe. He has written several textbooks on engineering. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1997 and underwent a radical prostatectomy. He currently resides in Pullman, WA.

About The Book:
From the jacket:

Prostate cancer is no joke. However, this book combines humor and facts about diagnosing and treating this insidious disease. The myriad of sometimes embarrassing situations and uncomfortable circumstances experienced by the patient are looked at from a witty and informative perspective. Humor helps to break down communication barriers and maintain a positive frame of mind in coping with the disease and supporting the healing process. This book leads to the laughter and comedy needed by any person or family faced with the realities of prostate cancer.

"Too often it is easy to overlook the emotional and personal impact of cancer when analyzing it clinically. Fortunately, Chad and Clayton are here to provide a humorous insight into a serious problem. Prostate cancer is a widespread and troublesome problem within many communities. Certainly a majority of my professional life is devoted to the detection and management of this disease. Prostate cancer, however, continues to remain a mystery for many. Raising public awareness of prostate cancer is paramount to promote early screening and encourage further research. I applaud efforts to broaden prostate cancer awareness and what better way to expose this insidious disease than through comedy."
Dr. John J. Keizur, M.D.
Board certified urologist
About 9x6 inches, 26 pages
Large drawings almost every other page
Cost: $7.95 plus shipping & handling

Order this book at Chad Crowe's Web site.

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