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Reviews & Comments About

Intoxicated By My Illness
by Anatole Broyard
Compiled & Edited by Alexandra Broyard

(Taken from the book jacket)

"Readers will learn how to triumph over illness and, in a true sense, conquer it." Bernie Siegel, MD

"I have never seen any writing about illness which is more forthright and which is at the same time deeper, more intelligent, more reflective and resonant." Oliver Sacks, MD

"Nothign could be more personal, more frightening, more unsettling, or more useful. One is startled into celebrating such a literate and civilized obstinacy." Harold Brodkey

"This is Anatole in the flesh. Even facing death he is sassy, funny, as impudent as you can get. This is a book for all us mortal critters." Alfred Kazin

"Anatole Broyard tells the story of his closing months of life with intensity, irony, and with high courage. Drawing on the almost ecstatic sense of proportion imposed by diminishing days, he celebrates intelligent, articulate existence. I never knew Anatole Broyard in life, but I feel that I have met him now, in this book." Shirley Hazzard

"A jewel of a book with the capacity to readh to the depths. Intoxicated by My Illness has all the makings of an enduring classic." Max Lerner


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