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cover of broyard book intoxicated by my illness About the book:

Intoxicated By My Illness: and other writings on life and death
by Anatole Broyard
Compiled and edited by Alexandra Broyard

[from the book jacket]

"When the doctor told me I was ill it was like an immense electric shock. I felt galvanized. I was a new person. All of my old trivial selves fell away and I was reduced to essence."
In the fall of 1989, Anatole Broyard, literary critic and essayist for The New York Times, was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Rather than slide into despondence, Broyard felt exhilarated, "intoxicated" by this news, as if with the encroachment of death, life's mysteries were suddenly revealed. In intensely personal essays and journal notes, he chronicles his experiences and his thoughts with rare wit, insight, and elegance.

In "The Patient Examines the Doctor," Broyard eloquently defines a new kind of care for the critically ill. IN "The Literature of Illness," he explores the "narrative" of his own illness and his strategies for opposing it. Broyard's earlier essays on illness and death -- long subjects of fascination -- as well as a short story inspired by the death of his father are also included.

Published by Clarkson Potter, New York, 1991, the book is currently out of print.

135 pages, broken into six parts plus a foreword by Oliver Sacks, MD and a Prologue and Epilogue by Alexandra Broyard. No index or illustrations.

Author photograph © 1989 by Jill Krementz.

ISBN 0-517-58216-3

Originally retailed for US $18, Canada $22.50.


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