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To my fellow men in this battle
with prostate cancer
description in caption
Korea, August 28, 1950. A soldier who just lost his best friend is being comforted by another while nearby, a corpsman fills out death certificates. (National Archives - photo info)

    In every struggle,
    the only ones who can truly grasp
    your fear,
    your pain,
    your grief,
    and your stamina
    that may sometimes fail
    are those who share
    the battlefield with you.

    It is no different when the enemy is
    prostate cancer
    and the fight is for
    your integrity as a man
    as well as your life.

This 1950 photo is us today, we men with prostate cancer.

We are hurt and confused but there are some others who know.

Don't be ashamed to hurt. The wound is deep.

But it need not be fatal.

Nor are you alone. There are many of us who know the feeling and some of us who want to help the rest.

That is the basic message of Phoenix5.

Your fellow in this struggle,
Robert Young
Webmaster Phoenix5
Diagnosed 11/23/99, PSA 1000+, Stage M1c

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