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[Letter to InfoLink cited at Prevention of Prostate Cancer page]

August 08, 1995

Enrollment for the Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial on track

As the lead statistician on the Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial (PCPT) coordinated by the Southwest Oncology Group, I am writing to address some concerns about the information available on the Internet through The Prostate Cancer InfoLink about the PCPT.

An article about the PCPT dated as being last revised on July 10, 1995, states: "However, we have heard that this trial is not enrolling patients as fast as was hoped, and also that patients are dropping out of the trial at an unexpectedly high rate. If this is true, then it may take longer for this trial to be completed."

In fact, the PCPT accrual is above that which was predicted at the inception of the trial. The rate has slowed down but, at our current rate of accrual, it is predicted that the trial will complete the accrual/randomization phase by July 1996. This is still sooner than the January 1997 date that was originally projected.

The Data and Safety Monitoring Committee is monitoring the drop-out rate and has not recommended any changes to trial design based on the current rate. That is to say the drop-out rate is still within the range that was expected for this trial.

I would appreciate it if the paragraph quoted above could be removed from the article in The Prostate Cancer InfoLink about the PCPT. We feel that this paragraph reflects poorly on the trial and may adversely affect both our accrual and drop-out rates. If you plan any revisions in the near future I would be happy to discuss the trial with you.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Phyllis Goodman
Southwest Oncology Group Statistical Center
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Seattle, Washington

Editor's comment: The Prostate Cancer InfoLink regrets any unintended misinformation. The relevant section of The Prostate Cancer InfoLink has been appropriately updated and can be reviewed by clicking here.

(received on August 07, 1995)

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