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First-Person Story:

"What a difference in my life"

After this appeared on one of the PCa mailing lists, I confirmed with George that he was speaking of the AMS 800 pictured here.

I just wanted to share that having a sphincter prosthesis installed was the best decision I've made since learning I had prostate cancer. I was not one of the lucky ones regarding incontinence and had the prosthesis installed two years after my RP.

It's been in two months and I am again pad free. Yesterday I needed to do heavy carpentry (including carrying 50 pound cement foundation blocks) all day and put in a pad, but at the end of the day it was dry.

What a difference in my attitude and zest for life. I was upset about my incontinence, but even more than I thought.

If you know that your incontinence is not going to go away I suggest that you run, not walk, to a very competent urologist, your insurance company and get this done. The surgery is absolutely a pain -- but the results, in my case, more than worth it. (My age is 52.)



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