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Cosmetic surgery:

"I'm happy with the results"

[Posted to the PHML list on 11/30/01 and reprinted with permission.]

After taking PC-Spes for over five years I developed a pair of breasts that every teenager would envy. The weight lifting I did prior to prostate cancer also contributed to my increased breast size.

I tried several of the supplements that have been mentioned on this list and others to reduce the size of my breasts, the only thing that they decreased was my check book balance.

I live on a barrier island in North Carolina where the dress code is a pair of shorts, sneakers, and an optional tee shirt. Needless to say, walking on the beach or fishing without a baggy tee shirt was out of the question.

The way I saw it, I either had to move to Alaska and wear a parka and bulky sweaters to conceal my breast size or have a breast reduction. I'm a warm weather beach guy so I decided on a breast reduction.

After locating a competent plastic surgeon, he submitted a predetermination of benefits for a proposed mastectomy for gynecomastia. My insurance paid for the lions share of the total costs.

I'm happy with the results and can now walk and fish on the beach without having to wear an over sized tee shirt. The other positive results of this surgery is that I no longer have breast or nipple soreness.

To make a short story long, if anyone would like to discuss the procedure please feel free to email me.

[He asks that you include a phone number and time when he can reach you, if you want to chat.]


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